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5th January

Small Print Competition / Mobile Knockout

Judged by members

Deadline for 2nd Bimonthly

12th January

Scotland's Nature

From the Mountain Tops to the Sea Shores - includes landscapes, birds, animals, insects and plants

David Jones

19th January - via Zoom

Intimate Landscapes

A talk on appreciating the infinite and wonderful details in the world around us.

Simon Turnbull

Deadline for Drew Duncan

26th January - via Zoom

2nd Bimonthly Competition

Ross McKelvey

2nd February

Sports Photography

Ian MacNicol

9th February

Drew Duncan Competition

Ruth Hayton

Deadline for Anderson

16th February

"But I'm a substitute for another guy"

Ian McDonald

23rd February - via Zoom

Underwater Photography

From swimming pools to sharks 

David Keep

Deadline for 3rd Bimonthly

2nd March

Anderson Competition

Tom Clark and Neill Ross

20 a Piece

Member Images


9th March

Winifred Brown Memorial Lecture

Taking Stock Part 3

A collection of new images taken since my previous visit to the Club 

Laurie Campbell

16th March

3rd Bimonthly Competition

Eddie Telford

23rd March

Scotland Behind the Lens

A comprehensive presentation to accompany his published book; ‘Scotland Behind the Lens’. Stephen takes viewers on a tour of Scotland, showcasing his many photographs, each with a story to tell.

Stephen Ball

Deadline for Henderson

30th March - via Zoom

British Wildlife through the Seasons

A photographic journey through a wildlife photographer's seasonal adventures 

Andy Parkinson

6th April

Into the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods

A challenging travel/mountaineering photography journey at high altitude, on the Baltoro Glacier in the Karakoram mountains of Northern Pakistan

George Robertson

13th April

Henderson Competition

Hunter Kennedy

20th April

Annual General Meeting

AGM + Presentation of Awards and Social Evening

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