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7th September

Breaking the Light - Monochrome My Way

Why convert to mono and seeing the potential, with a demonstration of a Lightroom workflow

Clive Watkins

14th September

Preparing Images for Competition

How to prepare your images for competition from sizing and preparing digital images, print preparation and what makes a good competition image. Liberally illustrated throughout.

Ken Dow / Guy Phillips / Eddie Middleton

Deadline for the Summer Assignment

21st September

All of the Gear and nae idea (title TBC)

Mary Gibson

Deadline for the Bowie

28th September - via Zoom

Marvelous Macro

A peek into the world of the often overlooked smaller majority all around us.  Techniques and tools for successful macro photography from microscopic pollen grains to hidden worlds measured in millimetres.

Phil Savoie

5th October

Summer Assignment Competition

Ken Goodfellow

12th October

All I Know So Far

Reflections on three years of club photography and competition

Eddie Middleton

19th October

Glasgow 1955 + 55

QPCC project in 2010 following up one done in 1955 by clubs in Glasgow

Tom Doherty

Deadline for the 1st Bimonthly

26th October - via Zoom


Sandie Cox

2nd November


Getting started in astrophotography with practical tips

Katie Hughes

Deadline for the Creative and Print

9th November

First Bimonthly Competition

Brian Cathie

16th November - via Zoom

Street Photography: An Introduction

We will look at the practical task of taking street photographs, which often involves quick thinking; having your camera and your mind ready to make the most of a street scene as it unfolds before our eyes.  Finally we will briefly consider the legal and ethical issues involved in street photography

Peter Merry

23rd November

Creative and Print Competitions

Deadline for the Borbasket

30th November - via Zoom

Smartphone Photography with Jet Black Squares

Presentation and demonstration of getting the best out of your smartphone.

Jeanette Lendon

7th December - via Zoom

The Inner Landscape

A presentation about 'Still life' with a difference. My still life images are illuminated by just carefully controlled natural light and for very little expense too!

Andy Phillips​

14th December

Borbasket Competition

Guy Phillips / TBC

Deadline for the Small Prints

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