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5th September

Scottish: An Underwater Journey

Scottish underwater photography - images and technique

Mark Kirkland

12th September

Eric Watt's Glasgow

The images of Eric Watt

Tom Doherty

Deadline for Summer Assignment


19th September


26th September - via Zoom

Strictly Telephoto

Covering the history of telephoto tech that drive competition and development. Proven operating techniques for mastering telephoto photography. Difficult subjects on the move - animals in flight to sport.

Phil Savoie

Deadline for Bowie


3rd October

Summer Assignment

Boyd Meiklejohn

10th October

Taking the Opportunity

Observations on being a club photographer

Rob Davis

17th October

Glasgow & Beyond: Evolving a Creative Eye

A journey from straight photography to the weird stuff

Margaret Rainey

Deadline for First Bimonthly

24th October

Bowie Competition

Neil MacGregor

Deadline for Print

31st October - via Zoom

After the Coal Dust

After the Coal Dust records moments in time. Each image tells a story. Each photograph is absolutely complete. This is not an easy task for any photographer. This is not about despair but about survival, acceptance, and emotional understanding.

John Gill

Deadline for Creative

7th November

1st Bimonthly Competition

Dave Ferguson

14th November

Sports / Events Photography

Sports / events photography and venturing a little wider

Campbell Skinner

Deadline for Monochrome

21st November

Creative and Print Competitions

Rod Wheelans

28th November - via Zoom

Photography on the Darkside, London

During this presentation I will first take you back into the early days of photography and the start of  Urban Night Photography running alongside my family history in Photography. Then I will take you on a tour around some of my favourite places for night photography in and around Central London 

Peter Benson

5th December

Monochrome Competition

Libby Smith

12th December

President's Night / 20-a-Piece

Club President / TBA

Deadline for Small Prints / Mobile


2nd January - via Zoom

Simply Back and White

An exploration of the simple beauty of monochrome which strips away the confusion of colour and asks us to appreciate the light, tone, texture and detail in our images. 

Chris Upton

9th January

Small Prints / Mobile Competitions

Membership Vote

Deadline for Second Bimonthly

16th January

Peter Stewart and Charles Hamilton

23rd January


Inter-Club V Eastwood

30th January - via Zoom

2nd Bimonthly Competition

Carol McNiven-Young

Deadline for Borbasket / Anderson

6th February - via Zoom

Lebanon: A Paradise Lost

Based on James' journey to Lebanon and how the series inspired him to eventually return and photograph an entire book. 

James Kerwin

13th February

Wee Mad Beasties

Macro photography - small beasts, techniques and demonstrations

David Hamilton

19th February - NB Wednesday at Gryffe

Renfrewshire Inter-club Championship

Inter-Club V Gryffe CC

20th February

Borbasket / Anderson Competitions


Deadline for Third Bimonthly

27th February - via Zoom

Confessions of a Landscape Photogrpaher

An illustrated talk about how Paul researches and plans ahead before going on his landscape photography trips at different locations (coast, woodland etc.). He also gives an insight as to what techniques he uses when composing landscapes and the type of landscape images he would make under varying weather conditions.

Paul Mitchell

6th March

Winifred Brown Memorial Lecture

Scottish Sisters

Kate Stevenson and Clare Harte are Scottish wildlife photographers. The sisters travel the country together capturing both wildlife and landscape images.

Kate Stevenson and Clare Harte

13th March

3rd Bimonthly Competition

Cameron Scott

20th March


Ken Dow

Deadline for Annual

27th March - via Zoom

Judge, Jury and Executioner

Steven has enthusiastically and successfully competed at club level and above since 2006, and has been judging since early 2017.  As a poacher and gamekeeper he has a fascinating insight into the world of club competitions.  His candid observations are thought provoking, often humourous, informative, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, but always positive.

Steven Galvin

3rd April

101 Project / A Year in Northumbria

101 Project
Images and observations from a year in Nothumberland

Ollie Desforges / Eddie Middleton

10th April

John Henderson Annual Digital Championship

17th April

Annual General Meeting

AGM + Presentation of Awards and Social Evening

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