9th September

From Ground to Air

A collection of different styles of photography

Kenny Gordon

16th September

A Year on the Coast

Spending a year photographing the East Anglian coast for the National Trust and including other work for the National Trust

Justin Minns

Deadline for Summer Assignment

23rd September

Travels in Ecuador, Peru and Chile

An exploration of geography, wildlife, and culture

David Scott

30th September

Creative Photography Techniques

Infrared and Cyanotypes

Margaret Rainey

Deadline for 1st Bimonthly

7th October

Summer Assignment Competition

Gordon Scott

14th October

An Evening with Barrie Spence

Capturing portraits of dancers and pets

Barrie Spence

Deadline for Bowie

21st October

The Art in Architecture

Les Forrester

28th October

1st Bimonthly Competition

Brian Cathie

4th November

Beyond Visible Light

A journey into infrared photography

Simon Weir

11th November

Bowie Competition

Neil McGregor

Deadline for Creative and Print

18th November

A mountaineering photography journey on Elbrus, Europe’s highest mountain located in the Caucasus mountain range, southern Russia, right on the border with Georgia

George Robertson

25th November

Extreme Scotland

A photographic journey through Scotland's adventure sports 

Nadir Khan

Deadline for Borbasket

2nd December

Creative and Print Competitions

Clive Watkins

9th December

Travels to Europe and beyond

Photos of Vietnam, Italy, USA, Corsica and others 

Gavin Forrest

Deadline for Small Prints

16th December

Borbasket Competition

Alison Smart